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Polaroid images, particularly the SX-70 Pola’s were in the 80-ies a very popular media, especially in artistic circles. Of course I also made my experiments in front of the camera, behind, during the development process and also with the exposure of the raw material. But following the "instruction manual" of camera and film was not my thing.

Now, +/-30 years later I reviewed my Pola collection once again. The scent of the images was not exactly pleasant when I opened the box. It bit in the nose. Also, the dried developer substance from the picture's envelope partially crumbled out causing adverse reactions on the skin.

Nevertheless, the digitization stepped forward.
Here are a few examples!

For the images, I've removed not all scratches and stains. Also image adjustments (brightness, contrast, etc.) are only sparingly applied. I didn’t want to destroy the "patina" of images, because this belongs somehow to the approximately 30-year-old photos.

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