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What can we all do with a camera?


For over 40 years I have been involved in conceptual photography, self-taught, but also influenced by further education in workshops with great photographers.
Duane Michals
I would like to highlight specially a workshop with Duane Michals  (USA) at the Rencontres de la Photographie  in Arles. Duane was and is for me still one of the world's best photographers!

Over the years, my ideas and demands in terms of pictorial representation have changed a lot. Initially the interest was mainly in conventional photography and figurative representations.

Today it is the field of human communication and its visual implementation. Conceptual statements are created with photographic methods – a kind of digital painting  as a creative game with a camera, photographs and videos as well as their components.

Therefore it is sometimes essentioan to leave the usual way of pictorial representation.


I consider my photographs and videos, as they come out of the camera, as a raw material for my own visual ideas. The fact that I leave the conventional "Main Stream Photography" is a very conscious artistic act.

Of course, there are also photographs that do not require any digital editing. Also such photos can be seen here.

Here is a black/white portrait from 1984 and one of the rare self-portraits from 1985 in shades of blue. Back then we didn't spoke of selfies ...


My Atelier

Since 2015 until end of 2020 I was working in my own studio in the "Alten Mosterei Worb". Since January 2021, my studio and the exhibition room is in my own house at Quellenstrasse 8 in Bolligen.

Here I can best practice my free photography.
There is enough space here for my experimental photography and video recordings. My large format printer is also here.

This allows me to print pictures up to 110 cm wide by myself. The length of the pictures is (almost) unlimited. My biggest picture was 6.5 meters long.

A studio visit is possible by appointment.

I and the community

Me and the community. An existential question that arises again and again in my photographic work. Approximately in the form:
  • Who am I?
  • Where am I?
  • Why am I?
  • How does look like my interior?
  • What do I consist of?
  • Is that what I can touch on me the only one? Or is there much more available? Something invisible?
  • Why do not I see something like that?
  • What is between body and spirit?
  • There is only the one or the other? Or is that more complex, multileveled?
  • Can one see something like that? Or only as a representation in pictures?

For such questions I have (for me) an answer, albeit a figurative one. The multidimensionality
These are multiple representations of people in a picture. Often even with the same person, photographed in a single shot. This type of image design can be been in my photographic work since a long time.

Existence, non-existence, duplication and multiple existence of one and the same person in a picture are therefore almost a hallmark in my work.

I have (for me) an answer to such questions, albeit a pictorial one. They can be found since a long time in my photographic work over again.
Existence, non-existence, double and multiple existences of one and the same person in one picture are therefore almost a hallmark in my work.

Light Shadow


If you like images very well (or not) please, please let me know.
I look forward to your feedback.
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Peter Andres


The pictures, that you can see here are optimised for web pages and therefore minimised and compressed. Less compressed pictures would result in a longer loading time in the browser.


My pictures are on canvas or in acryl glass frames. Traditional frames are also possible.
The pictures are signed at the rear side. The number of pictures is limited to 3 or 5. I print them by myself in my own atelier by order.
The Picture size (without frame) can be between approximately 40 x 60 to 100 x 200 cm.

Prizes and delivery are on request.


Photographic Education


  • Kunstzone Grosshöchstetten
  • Foto-ART Galerie, Bern, 2017
  • Galerie 25, Siselen, 2015
  • Galerie Woeske, Berlin, 2014
  • Galerie Christine Brügger, Bern, 1993, 2009, 2010
  • Fotogalerie Bern, 1988
  • Kunsthalle Bern, Weihnachtsausstellungen, 1986, 1987, 1988


  • Your Daily Male 2020 – tear-off calendar
    52 International artists,
    366 pages full color male-art
  • Noisy Rain Issue 35, September 2016
  • Noisy Rain Issue 29, September 2015
  • MASCULAR Magazine 12, 2015
  • Mein schwules Auge 11, 2014
  • Fotografie Kultur Jetzt, 1987


  • Canton of Bern, 1985, 1987, 1992
  • City of Bern, 1987



A little more than a moment ...

In all the years since I took pictures, a lot has accumulated. While browsing through the archive, the boxes, folders, rolls of films and whatever else was left over, I noticed some pictures, which were very important for me. Some of them is still good today, has a continued existence. Others were inspiring me and accompanied me in my photographic development.

Here is a small collection:



Hut-Serie, 1986
Luc, 1987
Santorini, 1980
SexyRider, 1987
Spiegelbilder, 1986